Super Bowl Halftime Map

I imagine there were at least a handful of people watching the Super Bowl Sunday night who might have jumped up from their couches in an awkward moment of excitement when they noticed a map featured in the swirly, shiny, graphics-intensive halftime show (er, at least I did anyway).  And thank god for DVRs that allow us not only to re-experience such momentous TV events, but enable us to rewind, pause, and study the subtle (or not-so-subtle) differences between a halftime show map and a “real” population density map (or was it supposed to be “the earth at night”?)

Either way, it was cool to see a map, and in case anyone missed it, here’s a pic (along with a pop density map for comparison).  I’m still trying to figure out why everything else seems pretty accurate but Africa seems a bit off the mark; maybe the graphic wasn’t done coalescing…


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